Monday, September 29, 2014

Hope - Rebellion : Sanity - Unity

It seems to me that one can only cling to hope in times of uncertainty. Hope is the light we seek in the darkness of our follies, our own weaknesses. Deep down inside, everyone wants to be strong, independent and free. "WE want to be absolutely free."

What this seemingly dangerous statement carries is an immense amount of hope. Because we want to live from our lives from our true character, one that is reminiscent of the power of light in the darkness. We crave for this freedom as the very basic of our instinct. Although it might not always be projected on to the world as such. It often comes out in a rebellious sense that threatens to take a shape of battle of opposing egos that just seeks to be vindicated at both individual and societal levels. The voice of rebellion is the voice of our true sanity, but its hardly conceived to be so by the society. And as opposites collide, not to collude but to elude one of reality, the bigger picture becomes obliterated. Moderation is the key, as we have been reminded time and again by the more eminent voices in the society- the voices of Peace and Co- Existence.

If you want to test it - try thinking of one person, thing or phenomenon that is absolutely bad. Now try to defend its evil quality knowing that it is bound to change as all things must, and truth shall come to you. "Absolute" is a myth. We live in a world so interconnected that all the properties of all the persons, thing sand phenomenon are relative. And that we create distinctions only to facilitate understanding. These distinctions after facilitating primary level recognition become a hindrance in ascertaining the true nature of the subject. Being free from distinctions or 'pre-assigned characters' obviously is the universal tenet of freedom. Does everything in nature seeks freedom?

No, it seems to be that they seek a connection. One can discover herself by being free but that discovery too shall lead to a vital realization that 'United We Stand, Divided We Fall'. This discovery is quite a humbling experience, one after which freedom becomes meaningless and hope transcends to reach out to people to vouch for greater Sanity, which shall be collective in nature, rather than our true individual sanity. I observe that most of the happy people of this world are not truly free, but connected. They sacrifice freedom for a more essential quality - Unity. One who hopes for unity os rightly the learned and those who want for us to change as a collectivity are indeed wise.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Music Mystery

Music is the silence between two consecutive beats.. rest is just sound.. why? As soon as the song starts.. we wait for its end.. like the end is about to unveil some secret.. but the end of every song is silence.. but strangely every time the song is heard.. each silence is different from the other.. like what is conspired in a song is conveyed to a part of our brain which cannot explain to us what it understands..

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Love Everyone!

everyone is invincible in their bravest moments.
everyone is indestructible in their humblest moments.
everyone is accurate in their truest moments.
everyone is happy in their thankful moments.
everyone is genius in their creative moments.
everyone is trustworthy in their moments of satisfaction.

so,  just love everyone.. and if time did not had the power to change everyone.. everyone will stay wise, humble and strong.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A World I Never Made

The world goes round in circles, imitating the heavenly dance;
While the mortals are fazed and blinded by their Ego's trance;
From the sky the cosmos are ever stealing a glance;
Just smiling at our futile efforts and our stupid plans.

Incomplete is the work of Universal Art, longing to be filled;
Not every colour fits the frame seldom too dull or too thrilled;
Time controls perfection otherwise all melodies are shrilled;
And the beast of fortune is caged, just waiting to be killed.

Time grows out of space and space out of time;
I used to wander both, but now bounded by my crime;
Those who stray not lost, but are the souls sublime;
Trying to know the secret of the Universe and its secret chime.

And so like the accidental ray of light falling in the dark shade;
Going illuminating the apparent corners of the enormous facade;
Like a fierce arrow aiming at a precise goal it never laid;
Blame me not, for I was born into a world I never made.